Thursday, June 21, 2012

Study :)


It's been too long for me for not writing in this blog . Sorry, my bad :( I've been to much busy with all those Matriks life by now. I'm now studying at Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka (KMM) . It's been 4 weeks I've been here. Yeah, it's pretty much damn cool and awesome. I've done my first quiz for Chemistry. Next week I've got another quiz for Maths and Biology. :) Pray for me guys .

When I'm doing this, I'm exactly in the lab. Having my amali for science computer subject. The lecturer used to asked us to write an article about IT but I refuse to write this :P Muehehe. Waa, why I'm speaking all time ? :P Act, I'll having my MUET . Haa, it's scared me a lot. But Alhamdulillah, after a few practice , I've make it easy and fine. I love English :P

So, aku rasa better aku siap kan kerja aku before lecturer datang baling aku dalam laut :P HAHA. Hey hey, aku ada kawan baru nama dia Asyiqin. HAHA. Dia gilaaaa :P Haha, later aku upload gambar. Byebye. Take care kawan kawan terutama Machinants :))

P/s : Doakan UPS kami bulan 8 ni. :)

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