Saturday, November 29, 2014


In the name of Allah.

Life get tougher , isn't it ?

Well life is this big fat gigantic stinking mess but there's the beauty of it too. Yeah can't deny it.
But somehow i'm too worn out to face all these shits.

People won't like you even you're being yourself. They still gonna judge you. For whatever you are. People will keep bad mouthing even your own bestfriend. So, what's to be dumbfounded then, huh ? Sigh.

Lately, I choose to smile instead of talking. I choose to be alone and doesn't feel like to mingle around with the others as huh i don't know. Negatives thought do kill me. Like seriously. Be proud if I choose to tell you what's is spinning on my mind. As I started to not trust people anymore.

Yeah, its kinda hard for me to keep silent as I'm kinda a hyperactive person. Well, that's the only way for not get hurt. Be tough dearself .