Thursday, March 28, 2013

Final Sem II

In the name of Allah.

Yeah. Finally. It will comes to the end. Final exam(PSPM) will be held on 22nd April and I can't wait for it . It is just around the corner guys. Oh myy oh myy. I'm fainting . HAHA. Boo me. Serious talk, I can't wait to finish the programme but at the same time I'm scared much when thinking about the exam. HAHA.

Within this 5 weeks, I'm the most busyyyyy person in the world. HAHA. Yela, dengan dinner so whatever where I've to conduct a performance on that night. What theee :3 Mula mula ingat nak menyanyi akustik je with the guitar so whatever but then they want to dance. Yeah, and now every evening we'll be practicing the dance. It's like acah acah step up battle la konon. Hewhew. But it's fun even ada yang kayu kayu keras gitu. HAHA.

Setiap malam I'm full with classes. Oh mann. But it's okay. Saya penat dan saya okay :3 So guys. Pray for us. Pray for me. This is my last battle before I'm furtering my study in degree soon. :O And this will be my last post at Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka :') 

P/s: Goodluck final you :D

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