Sunday, December 30, 2012

The end of 2012 .

Assalammualaikum .

Hai there people. *waving hands sambil tiup blog * HAHA

K , another maaf. Lama tak update kan. Act , I'm in semester 2. Final semester. Its been a month I think. And guess what, its totally a hectic , pathetic and argghh sem. HAHA. That's what I can define about this second semester. K enough said . 2012 , its almost a year ait ? Wow, soon it will leave us. K serious talk, 2012 banyak donate kenangan dekat aku. Yes . Totally. And I will miss it like hell.

1. Without realising , aku rapat dengan Fadhilah , and now, we used to be bestfriend :')
2. Kerja part time kat Melaka Central with Fadhilah .
3. Result SPM
4. Sunway Lagoon with le girlfriends .
5. Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka .
6. Unexpected things happen. HAHA

Kalau nak cerita A to Z , memang tak habis la kan. Boleh buat novel rasanya kalau nak bercerita all those memories. Yang penting , 2012 byk ubah aku. Tak kisah dari segi apa pun. Tapi it's seriously changed me into another me . Maybe. Mcm nak cerita semua memories , but then let them be in my mind and always my heart :'D Hoping 2013 , will give me happiness, joyish and cheerful. And surely , kejayaan and barakah :') AMIN !

2012 , thanks for coming . I will be miss you .Much :')

Ambang 2013 . Hee :D

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