Saturday, March 29, 2014


In the name of Allah .

Well my assumption that 2014 gonna be my year definitely wrong. It was a good start but then test after test do come. Its all beyond my control yet I've to face it. Allah knows everything.

4.30 a.m ( 29 March 2014)

All of me - John Legend

I'm hearing this song on repeat. I miss home. I miss my family. And I miss him. A lot. Crying all by yourself was totally the hardest part. I told ya.

There's always people who gonna hate you. Gonna love you and gonna stay and leave you . And you have to be strong to face it.

Just be strong. No one will tend to stay with you forever. Be brave. Brace yourself. Head up."

Keep on saying those words yet I end up crying. Hey did I sound pathetic ?

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